A Comparison of Expat Salaries in the Middle East

Salary comparison

Expat salaries in the Middle East : How much will I earn?

Over the last couple of decades a huge amount of expats have relocated to the Middle East, drawn there primarily by the promise of tax-free expat salary packages, exciting and dynamic job markets and the promise of a high quality of life and big savings.

This article will provide a survey of the most popular expat destinations in the Middle East, the most common jobs that expats work in the Gulf Region, and the average salaries they can expect to earn. It will conclude by drawing attention to a number of pertinent factors that should be considered when deciding whether a move to the Middle East is right for you or not.

Popular Expat Destinations in the Middle East

The most popular expat destinations in the Middle East all belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Of these countries, Saudi Arabia is the most popular; followed by (in order) the United Arab Emirates (containing both Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

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