Economic Expert

Economic Expert needed for a financial institution in Kuwait.


  • Master’s/PhD in Economics.
  • 15-20 years of proven experience as a lead economist in a national and international financial institution or research institution, working in the field of studies, research and programming.
  • 5+ years of relevant experience in project analysis, evaluation and management.
  • Ability to lead, persuade others, work with a team and coordinate the work.
  • Ability to deal with a number of issues and tasks at the same time.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Accuracy in work and attention to details.
  • Has to be familiar with the basics of economics and the quantitative analysis tools in statistics and econometrics and their applications on the computer, as well as tools for analysis, evaluation and follow-up of projects.
  • High analytical skills and familiarity with international economic issues.
  • Ability to propose solutions, advise and gather information effectively to reach sound decisions and conclusions.
  • High verbal and written communication skills including public speaking and the ability to convincingly explain complex information in work-related seminars and meetings.
  • Has to be familiar with Microsoft software package and communication and video conferencing platforms.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English, and fluency in French is a preferred additional skill.
  • Should have good manners, the ability to lead work teams, a sense of responsibility, accept criticism and guidance, be keen on time and punctuality, have the ability to transfer skills and experience to others and adhere to the professional and ethical work systems and rules.


  • Supervising the preparation of economic and social studies and research and participating in their preparation.
  • Participation in the evaluation of projects, preparation of evaluation reports and follow-up of projects under implementation.
  • Participation in the study of technical aids, following them up and preparing the necessary memoranda and letters of understanding.
  • Expressing an opinion and giving advice on economic issues requested by the Operations Department.
  • Participation in the management, follow-up and development of the fellowship program.
  • Supervision and participation in the preparation of the chapters of the Joint Arab Economic Report, reviewing the drafts of all chapters of the report, and making observations thereon.
  • Preparing and organizing economic and social conferences and seminars and participating in their activities.
  • Contributing to efforts for the coordination of the work with other companies and organizations.
  • Representing us in bilateral Arab and international conferences and seminars, as well as at the boards of directors of companies in which we contribute to the capitals.
  • Preparing the worksheets required by the operations management tasks and the Fund’s business in economic terms.
  • Studying the correspondences received by the Studies and Research Department and reviewing/preparing draft responses.
  • Training and coaching other economists.
  • Assisting the head of department in his duties.
  • Performing all other duties related to the job.



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